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I will definitely be watching March Madness! I love the excitment, but sadly no UCLA this year. I'm cheering for Saint Peter's this year. What about you, who do you have winning? Join my bracket challenge for a chance to win a paid subscription to my Substack (rytheguy.substack.com). https://play.ncaa.com/mens-bracket-challenge/group/1519182?joinToken=fb554ba32fd92e7b66593477&iid=bcg_share_web_other_group_email

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I watched the Final Four back in early 80s when that's all that was broadcast and the NIT was still a viable competitive alternative. For maybe the next three decades--esp when I had scads of time to watch, like in grad school--this was my favorite time of the sporting year. But other demands (kids) and other sports (hello, cycling, soccer, and, um, biathlon?) have drawn my attention away. If recent years are any guide, I'll barely tune in (unless I check scores and an upset is happening). However, if the unstoppable UW-Green Bay Phoenix ever return, I will definitely watch, even though the outcome will never be in doubt.

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