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Iโ€™m a guy who just asked ChatGPT to write a Wikipedia page to help you get to know me.

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Royce Webb is an American editor, writer, and sports journalist, best known for his influential tenure at ESPN. Specializing in NBA coverage, Webb has been a trailblazer and played a pivotal role in mainstreaming data analytics in sports journalism. His notable collaborations include work with a range of distinguished writers such as Zach Lowe, Kevin Pelton, J.A. Adande, Marc Stein, Tom Haberstroh, and John Hollinger.

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My official offer is at least 2-3 original pieces a week, but that doesnโ€™t quite capture it.

My perspective on the NBA and life is unique because of my winding path from hoops junkie to sports columnist to PhD candidate to ESPN NBA editor.

I love the NBA (most of the time), but I also love to analyze how people talk about basketball, think about it, and connect with it.

One big thing Iโ€™ll do here is try to tell you everything my 5+ decades on Earth have taught me โ€” and especially the two decades that I spent at ESPN, chiefly as NBA editor for writers like Hollinger, Pelton and Lowe.

Youโ€™ll love this site if you love ESPN.comโ€™s NBA coverage (think HoopIdea, Future Power Rankings, Daily Dime, NBArank, Trade Machine) โ€” because I was an architect of big parts of it.

If you hate ESPN.comโ€™s coverage, you might still like ๐Ÿ€5x5, because Iโ€™ll be applying a new lens โ€” a different lens โ€” to everything. In short, this site will provide commentary and community you will not find anywhere else. That includes insights on the Worldwide Leader, my ex-workplace.

And ๐Ÿ€5x5 will live up to its name by including a variety of voices and perspectives โ€” from other Substack writers and from intelligent readers like you.

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ESPN dude from 2001 to 2021. "I think better about basketball and the NBA because of conversations with Royce." โ€” Dean Oliver, author of Basketball on Paper