I only began following basketball this season- I'm loving it!! - so articles like this really help me dive into the league-wide storylines!

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Very glad to hear it, Matt!

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IF......*IF* ..:Randle and Anunoby return for post season, I'll pick New York. Boston chokes....bucks are fragile....defense has questions. If IF IF middleton is full strength, then maybe. Cavs though.....a dean wade MVP eastern win for JB. I simply cannot see anyone beating Denver if Jokic is healthy. If not, then I guess OKC.....because clippers wont do it. No team with harden wins a title.

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1st of all - Where is Ethan Strauss's or even "Radio Ethan's" Take!

2ndly - The Cavs???!?! REALLY?!!! I know Miami is now a play-in team, but I would pick them any day over the Cavs, and twice on Sunday. (Obviously Bucks are 2nd behind Boston. And if Embiid does come back in time, 76ers are 3rd)

3rd of all - I just can't see OKC making it to the Finals. Riley always said "No Rebounds, No Rings". Lets not sleep on the Wolves. ANT-MAN is "That Guy" way more than SGA is if you ask me.

4thly - Why no Mavs pick? Luka is one of the 3 best players in the league (4 if you want to include Embiid who is hurt, but still you have Jokic - 1, Giannis -2, Luka - 3/4, Embiid 3/4...if you want to change the order of 2-4 I won't be mad, but that's my take).

5th - No Warriors love? 4x champs with basically the same core as 2022?? (Do I need to throw in the Lakers too?)

6th (and final point) - Why the heck are the Thunder such a trendy pick? It's not as shocking as the Cavs...but, still!

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Also, why is everyone sleeping on the Suns? KD is having a great year!!! And Booker is tremendous too

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